February 21st, 2015


Thrift Shop and Concerning Hobbits

I have awesome new year's resolutions this year. :)

One, is to visit ALEP people. I've already managed to see some folks at Katsucon, and have future trips planned. Very exciting! I also intend to test for ikkyu for kendo some time this year.
But another is to learn to play some music. 15 years ago, I could play the piano a little and sight-read music. But I am very rusty, and would like to try again.

In a stupendous use of my time, I have figured out the notes to Thrift Shop (and by 'figured out', I mean 'watched YouTube videos where people tell you').

Collapse )

If not, I might have to look up, you know....music written for a tin whistle. Imagine that!