MithLuin (mithluin) wrote,

Water, water everywhere

…and all the boards did shrink.
Water, water, everywhere
Nor any drop to drink.

March 26th

The little rainy season has begun, so we often have quite a lot of water here. Well, that is… we had rain for a week straight, and now occasionally in the evenings. On Friday, it even hailed! Marcy’s doing weather with the 5th grade now, so that’s convenient.

We have a bit less water in our house (at least in the places we want it). The pump has broken, so there’s no water for the volunteer house (upstairs or down) and the community now has to rely on city water which is… unreliable. So, my bathroom sometimes has water, and our kitchen will not have water until the pump is fixed. When this happened 2 years ago, it took a month to fix it, so Teresa (the Spanish volunteer) is not hopeful that we will have water any time soon.

The water disappeared on Friday. Also on Friday, our bathroom flooded. It seemed very unfair to have no water all day, but have an overflowing toilet. Presumably, the toilet is still broken, but without water, it’s hard to know. Since I have water sometimes, I’m allowing everyone to use my shower. It’s a good thing I cleaned my bathroom when I did, though more than a bit a shame that I was out of clean clothes when this happened. I’m really not sure when we’re going to be able to do laundry again, so I suppose I can just wear dirty clothes or wash things out in the sink as needed.

Speaking of water, I’m considering which book to use with the 9th grade. They’ll read some passages and then watch the movie, so nothing too taxing. Last year, we did ‘The Secret Garden’, but this year I’m considering ‘Voyage of the Dawn-treader.’ The movie might be a bit long, though, and honestly it’s not as good as the first Narnia movie, so I might try to do that instead. It has snow in it, at least, which is interesting. I’m not sure what I think about using a movie with such a blatant Christian message when I have Muslim students, but I’m sure there’s some way of doing that in a sensitive way.

Update - After 10 days, the pump was fixed, so all in all not too bad. I am super-glad we don't have to rely on city water usually; I only had water Sun, Tues, Sat...that is not enough! Teresa bought us a big blue plastic barrel, though, and Theresa's father made sure we always had water in it. So...all in all, it worked out. Hopefully, we'll get our plumbing issues looked at sometime, but for now, everything is working.

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile; I dated my updates, and will try to be better at getting to internet in the future.
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