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Thrift Shop and Concerning Hobbits

I have awesome new year's resolutions this year. :)

One, is to visit ALEP people. I've already managed to see some folks at Katsucon, and have future trips planned. Very exciting! I also intend to test for ikkyu for kendo some time this year.
But another is to learn to play some music. 15 years ago, I could play the piano a little and sight-read music. But I am very rusty, and would like to try again.

In a stupendous use of my time, I have figured out the notes to Thrift Shop (and by 'figured out', I mean 'watched YouTube videos where people tell you').

Eb Eb Eb C# B G#
I'm gonna pop some tags

(G#) G# B Eb Eb Eb Eb C# B Eb C#
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket

Eb Eb Eb C# B Eb Eb Eb C# B
I-I-I'm hunting, Lookin' for a come-up

Eb Eb C# B G# G#
This is fucking awesome

(And the din-di-din-dun part is just G#-Eb-B-G#)

It's pretty simple, so I'm sure I could learn to play that on the piano quickly. But, of course, I don't have a piano. What I *have* is... a tin whistle. Also very cool, but... it doesn't actually have these notes easily accessible on it. :( And 'quickly' doesn't work as well on a tin whistle as on a piano - all of those notes have to be played in ~ 10 sec, which is easy with a right hand on a piano keyboard, but less easy when trying to get flute fingerings and breath worked out for a beginner like me. Ah well. Time to choose a more suitable project....

The intro to 'Concerning Hobbits' (which was of course played on the tin whistle, works out much better).

D E F# A F# E(F#-E) D
F# A B (high)D B C# A F#(G-F#) E
D E F# A F# E D(E-D)
F# A B A F#(G-F#) E D

(see how I get 27s to play these notes? much better pace)

I've left some ornaments out to keep things simpler, but surely you can tell in the recording that he's not just playing each note 'cleanly' - there's trills and slides and such. I attempted to show those in parentheses, but, well, I'm not sure about musical notation for this instrument.

There are also likely still mistakes in that transcription, despite my repeated viewings of a tutorial on how to play this exact piece of music on this instrument. Ah, well - I'll get there!

My intent was to make 'Thrift Shop' the second song I learned how to play (after this), but that is looking unlikely. Next candidate is 'Take Me Home, Country Roads', which I attempted to learn on the keyboard a couple of years ago. Have to look up the notes for it, though, to see if it's in a compatible key.

If not, I might have to look up, you written for a tin whistle. Imagine that!
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